Sandra Nymphius Porträt
Label SANDRA NYMPHIUS was founded in 2012 by the young fashion designer based in Hamburg, Germany. Originally from Frankfurt, Sandra Nymphius moved to the north to study fashion design at Akademie JAK in Hamburg. During her studies she was able to gain a lot of experience while working as a model and for different labels in sales and merchandising such as Aigner, Salvatore Ferragamo and MaxMara. Her studies also led her to interning at René Storck located in Frankfurt and Paris.

With the Vision in mind to dress strong and feminine women SANDRA NYMPHIUS not only designs clothes but also accessories with an extended jewelry collection. Growing up between two cultures (American and German) affected the style of the young designer. Her German influence shows in her choice of high quality fabric and straight lined geometrical patterns and the American side is shown in her love for bright colors, either in neon or any bright tones. Her inspiration is mostly found during her travelling and by modern architecture and product design.

Her collections are all made exclusively in limited quantities in Germany.

Awards: 2. Fashion Contest EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea