The inspiration of this collection is the Red Baron. He was an aristocratic pilot during 1. World War. His red painted airplane made him a popular and brave hero. This theme is expressed by the esthetics of the collection through color, shape and pattern. The nude and golden colors with their minimalistic seams stand for his noble lifestyle and the red mixture creates a sportive yet royal feel that stands for flying and braveness. The patterns are inspired by the structure of the planes and their propellers. Some pieces in the collection can be worn in two ways. One option is always more minimalistic and graphic than the other. Small details such as a top-stitched airplane cape or red leather inside the sleeves of the dresses create a very special luxurious esthetic. Only delicate materials such as leather, cashmere and silk were used in this Fall/Winter Collection 2013/2014.

Photographer: Svenja Pitz
Hair and Makeup:
Susanna Jones Hair & Make-up
Models: Jacqueline Becker (Modelwerk)
Fashion and Accessories:
Sandra Nymphius